When Juliette & Alyssa contacted me about creating a podcast cover for them I immediately wanted to help because how the podcast would help the Black and LGBTQ+ community.
"Bedtime thots welcomes you into an unfiltered look at what keeps two best friends up at night. Listen in on co-host Alyssa and Juliette’s nighttime conversation as they explore Racial, Cultural, and Queer issues. So grab your tea and get ready to unpack some shit.​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​
Their vision was for me to illustrate them in my style with an image they sent with a simplified, solid background. 
After the first draft, we agreed upon warmer tones for their shirts which would pair nicely with the background color. Alyssa & Juliette puta  large emphasis on the shape of their hair to differentiate the two.
After a few rounds of revisions, they opted to add lips to the portraits and were satisfied with the hair shapes. Once the final portrait was delivered, the podcast title was added and it was finalized.
"Asia has been an absolute joy to work with. She exhibits professionalism in every aspect of her work. During our time working with Asia, she honored her time commitments, she was personable, and overall collaborative. We would highly recommend working with Asia.
We are so happy with the way our cover art came together and will definitely be working with Asia in the future."
- Alyssa & Juliette
Bedtime Thots is now available on all streaming platforms.
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