Black Illustrations meets the needs of People of Color that want to see themselves represented in illustrations they can use in their social media, apps, websites, etc.
"People of color are often underrepresented in illustrations, lacking in the design process and often go unseen in visuals across the internet.  

We saw the lack of diversity as an opportunity to create a free resource for everyone.  As a way to add diversity to online content by showcasing black people and people of color in a myriad of tasks, we hope to be the spark that creates more change in the digital landscape."
Black Illustrations creator, John D. Saunders, reached out to me to collaborate on a new pack that would represent Black women using my style.
We decided on 15 illustrations of women with various hairstyles, outfits, body types and skin tones to represent as much of the Black community as possible.
From sketch to render, we did our best to show everyday women that could be widely used. We kept to a certain color palette for the backgrounds, outfits and skin tones to create a cohesive package. In all, there are 30 available illustrations.
This illustration pack is currently for sale on Black Illustrations.
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