In February 2021, I was approached by Hop Culture Magazine and Untapped to create an illustration to represent women in the beer industry. HCM is known for captivating beer journalism, hosting events and festivals as well as their merchandise.
The beer industry is mainly seen as masculine but HCM wanted to change that by hosting events with women owned breweries and launching a shirt for International Women's Day. They reached out to myself and another female artist to create a shirt.
The brief mentioned the traditional "cheers" imagery while highlighting women of color. Once the initial sketch was approved, I added darker and lighter skin tones as well as showing two different beers. HCM later suggested to add jewelry and nail polish to one hand.
To ground the image, we added a circle outline with no background which brought it all together. If you are interested in supporting Hop Culture Magazine and Untapped, the shirt is available here.
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