A newly formed magazine, Lumin Magazine, put out a call for artists for their first issue. Upon submitting, I received notice that I would be illustrating for two articles. I deeply identified with Lumin's mission and quickly sketched ideas.
Lumin Magazine is an independent publication that focuses on well-living and mindfulness for people of color. Our magazine consists of beautiful art and well thought out articles that are meant to enlighten + lighten our readers. Our goal is to be a quiet escape from the loud distractions of the world. We aim to keep our readers engaged in learning about ways they can cultivate joy, health, adventure, peace, love, creativity, mindfulness and overall well-being.
How food gives us the feels explains the importance of eating healthy and how certain foods such as bananas, avocados, and fish can increase our moods. I illustrated quick and easy breakfast toasts that included a few of these foods which could be used throughout the layout.
For Getting in the practice, the writer guides you through a sequence and requested it to be illustrated for readers to visualize. I envisioned simple illustrations for the reader to easily understand the shape and stance of each pose.
In addition to illustrating for Lumin, I was also invited to help design the magazine for print. To see how the magazine was put together, visit this case study.
Issue 1 of Lumin Magazine is now available.
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