As a personal project I joined the Color Bar Challenge with Print Design Academy to create a cocktail menu for the fictional bar, The Color Bar. Copy & brief were provided and we were given creative freedom for the design.

The Color Bar is a Bar and Cocktail lounge that caters to Graphic Designers and Creatives. It is an approachable and casual atmosphere serving the most unique and delicious drinks around. We enjoy being a bit cheeky, clever, with a side of quirkiness. We understand the things that designers deal with both as freelancers and in house designers and wanted to create a comfortable space for creatives to decompress, meet new like minded people, and share stories after their busy weeks.

The goal is to create a brochure for The Color Bar, a bar that is currently being built and planning to open November 20th 2020. The brochure should showcase the quirky and unique personality of the bar, but also show how it caters to designers and creatives through clever menu items, unique cocktails, feature nights, events, and whatever else you can think of. Lots of creative thinking and freedom is encouraged.

Audience & Users:

Audience / Ideal Patrons are graphic designers and creatives. They could be freelance designers, in house designers, or side hustling with both. This customer will understand design and appreciate the creativity we have put into the space and our drink offerings. They are dealing with deadlines and clients daily, and the sometimes entertaining requests and feedback that they receive from them. They appreciate a comfortable space and an
approachable atmosphere that is set up to help remove the stress of their weeks. They appreciate good design, a balanced lifestyle, and quality products including food and drinks.

i thought of a bar filled with lots of plants with green and brass accents. As designers we are constantly looking at screens. As a way to escape overbearing clients and constant intake of information, we can go to The Color Bar to relax.
I chose a 4 folded brochure in an accordion style so it can be read or stretched out in both ways for customers that may be sitting across from one another. Leaves spreading across the pages gives it a cohesive feel with easy to read text.
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